Disposal of hazardous special waste

Ecodep is a leading company in Sicily in the complete management, treatment and disposal of special waste. We treat hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including transport and storage of the same.

Waste disposal Sicily

We provide companies, administrations and private services for the proper management of special waste, hazardous and cumbersome waste. Specifically, Ecodep deals with:

  • waste disposal Sicily

    • special waste disposal Sicilia
      • hazardous waste disposal Sicily
        • bulky waste disposal Sicilia
          • asbestos disposal Sicily
            • liquid disposal Sicily
              • environmental remediation Sicily

Smaltimento rifiuti speciali

Ecodep rappresenta una realtà leader in Sicilia nella completa gestione, trattamento e smaltimento rifiuti speciali. Trattiamo rifiuti pericolosi e non pericolosi, compreso il trasporto e lo stoccaggio degli stessi.


– Reclamation of polluted sites (9 class D)

– Reclamation of goods containing asbestos (10 B class E)

– Collection and transportation of urban and similar waste (1 class D)

– Collection and transport of non-hazardous special waste (4 class E)

– Collection and transport of hazardous waste (5 class E)

– Intermediation of waste (8 class F)

Disposal of special waste for industry and companies

We provide industry and companies with services for the disposal of special hazardous waste such as liquids and sludges contaminated with dangerous substances.

Disposal of special waste for institutions and administrations

We are authorized to perform the disposal and recovery operations R3, R4, R7, R12, R13, D14, D15, D8, D9. We are registered in the Environmental Managers Register for the categories 1D, 4E, 5E, 8F, 9D, 10A, 10B.

Reclamation services for private customers

Solutions for private individuals and condominiums for reclamation, removal and disposal of asbestos tanks , covers eternit and flues in cement asbestos , reclamation of diesel tanks for boilers and condominium heating.

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